About Us


Paying special attention to your present and future needs, we develop and build machines, automation systems and/or production lines that give you a clear lead in economic, environmental, technological and ergonomic areas.

All our machines and subsystems are designed from a modular concept and built in our own workshop and then made perfect. We take care of the assembly in your company as well as the training of your people, after which the machine/installation is immediately put into use.
With our plug & play method you obtain a very rapid ROI.

We position ourselves as a collaboration partner and offer you very solid customer service so that systems continue to optimally function throughout their entire life cycle. We help seek solutions with you based on your needs and requirements.

We attach particular importance to the development of our products we are proud of our unique ability to customize our products to the various specific needs and niches of our customers both nationally and internationally.


CSP Engineering is a niche player that specialises in the development of technology and construction of machines for the production of wooden floor boards and parquet. In this niche, CSP Engineering strives to be the benchmark for employees, customers, partners and suppliers, both nationally and internationally.

Our employees are given every opportunity to develop themselves from starter to expert.

Our customers consider CSP Engineering as the specialist partner who speaks the same language, proactively discusses with them and is able to offer an appropriate solution for their production needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is not an empty concept for CSP Engineering. It starts here with ourselves.
We believe that it’s important for our employees to be able to work ergonomically, which is why our people sit on a Spinalis chair:

  • the comfort of a classic office chair with the healthy posture of an orthopaedic ball
  • personal fine-tuning and ergonomic guidance for every employee
  • results: sitting actively without back pain

We have worked on geothermal energy, heat pumps and underfloor heating to heat both the offices and the production hall.

  • We reduce our ecological footprint and actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • In the summer our business premises are cooled using this installation. We don’t need any airco’s.
  • Our technicians find that components and steel structures are never cold in our assembly hall: it’s pleasant to work in, even in the middle of winter) and there are no annoying hot/cold air flows in our factory, no particulate matter in ambient air because now, we don’t require heating fans any more.