/CosmetiWood ®


2 Packages

CosmetiWood® comes in buckets for manual use and in cartridges for use with PAR-Filler®.


8 Colors

CosmetiWood® is produced in 8 colors, customized color for large volumes is possible.

Technical information

  • Basis: water based wood filler
  • Number of components: 1
  • Min. drying temperature: 17°C
  • Planing, sanding and oiling: Min. 24 hrs  drying and hardening on air. Time of hardening depends on thickness of layers, temperature and moisture concentration in the air.
  • Moisture resistance: Moderate. Finishing operation with common industrial parquet products, such as oils and laquers.


CosmetiWood®, the wood filler for wood flooring

CosmetiWood®   a solvent free wood filler, was developed simultaneously with PAR-Filler®. After drying, CosmetiWood® has a hardness and porous structure like wood, a beautiful absorption of colors and oils, an excellent adhesion to the wood and it shrinks hardly, even at big knots.
On top of this, CosmetiWood® has a very good behavior for planing and sanding and doesn’t crumble. It’s a solvent free filler that is harmless to people and environment.
CosmetiWood® is a ready-to-use wood filler for filling cracks and knots in wood flooring boards.
It is produced in 8 colors, however customized color for large volumes is possible.

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