/PAR-Filler ®


  • Reduction of labour costs
  • High production capacity
  • Just 1 operator, no specific skills are required
  • Quick change of colors, no waste, no cleaning of tubes
  • 1-Component filler, structure and absorption as wood
  • Ecological filler, harmless to people and environment
  • Ready for use, available in cartridges to slide into the applicator
  • High quality filling result due to new injection technology

Technical information

  • length: 500mm - 3000/7000mm
  • width: 75mm - 300mm
  • thickness: 9mm - 30mm
Capacity: 185.000 à 250.000 m²/shift/year


Machined filling of parquet flooring

Machined filling of knots and cracks

PAR-Filler® is a new technology for filling knots and cracks in wood flooring elements.
CSP Engineering developed a special scanner that detects accurately imperfections in the surface of wood flooring elements and send its position to 2 applicators. To get perfect filling of the knots and cracks, an applicator was developed which injects the wood filler under high pressure into the imperfections. The PAR-Filler® has a continuous production process and can be operated by 1 person. There are multiple options for the feed and return of the boards, semi-automatic and fully automatic, depending of the required capacity and the integration of the machine in the production.

PAR-Filler®, a unique filling machine for parquet flooring industry

The combination of the injection under pressure and the unique characteristics of CosmetiWood® results in outstanding filling. Because of this the parquet flooring boards are extremely well filled in only 1 production transit. The PAR-Filler® is suitable for medium to large production companies.

CosmetiWood®, woodfiller for knots and cracks

CosmetiWood®, a new and solvent free wood filler, was developed simultaneously with PAR-Filler®. After drying, CosmetiWood® has a hardness and porous structure as wood, a beautiful absorption of colors and oils, an excellent adhesion to the wood and it shrinks hardly, even at big knots.
On top of this, CosmetiWood® has a very good behavior for planing and sanding and doesn’t crumble. It’s a solvent free filler that is harmless to people and environment.

CosmetiWood® is a ready-to-use wood filler for filling cracks and holes in wood flooring boards. It is produced in 6 colors, customized color for large volumes is possible. CosmetiWood is available in buckets of 10 kg for manual use and in cartridges for use with the PAR-Filler®.

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