About Us


As a niche player we listen attentively to customers and observe evolutions in the wood flooring industry, by this way we want to forecast the future needs of our customers, in terms of their products and production equipment and develop technology and construct machines to answer the future needs in the market. Our goal is to be an important player within Europe, impossible to neglect by  producers of wood flooring.


To realize our mission we develop technology and construct machines, with which offer our customers, the producers of wood flooring, benefit a significant progress in economic, ergonomic & ecological terms.

At CSP Engineering we find a personal and customer oriented approach very important.

‘Let’s create your Solution Together’ represents perfectly our point of view.

 Our CEO Mr. Jan Peeters and his wife Mrs. Frieda Wens HR responsible


Our founder & CEO, Mr. Jan Peeters has been passionate about technology since his childhood.  On a very young age he took his toys apart to understand how things were put together. At his last employer he constructed his 1st machine.

Driven by machine construction and his predilection for wood, as a logical consequence CSP Engineering was founded in 1994.

At start CSP developed and constructed custom-made machines for several applications and sectors.

As from 2008 we chose to become a specialist for the niche market of wood flooring production.

Thanks to this decision we became an internationally leading company within the wood flooring industry.

CSP Engineering is a ambitious company in strong growth. Passion for technology, enthusiasm of a young team, supported by the expertise of seniors, independence and responsibility on the one hand, teamwork on the other, make CSP Engineering a company where “pro-active, pre-thinking” and “innovation” are constant. Our employees get every chance to work on personal growth and development.