About Us

CSP ENGINEERING specialises in the development and construction of machines for the parquet industry and the wood industry in general.

We listen to our customers and observe evolutions in the market. Therefor we develop the necessary technology and design machines that meet our customers’ future needs. With the right production equipment, we can make a real difference economically, ergonomically and ecologically.

At CSP Engineering, we find a personal and customer-oriented approach very important. ‘Let’s create your solution together’ represents this vision perfectly.

HISTORY CSP Engineering was founded in 1994 by Jan Peeters.

Bitten by mechanical engineering and with a love for wood, the creation of CSP Engineering was a logical result.

Initially, CSP Engineering developed custom-made automations and machines for various sectors. In 2008 we deliberately chose the niche market of parquet production.

By following this path, we have become a leading company within the parquet industry, both nationally and internationally.

With the same passion for technology, the drive of a young team, supported by the expertise of seniors and tons of teamwork, Geert Van Loocke took over the company. Continuity was and is top priority!

Thus, CSP Engineering remains a company where « pro-activity », « thinking ahead » and « innovation » are a constant, but the greatest common denominator of all is undoubtedly « enthusiasm ». The enthusiasm to come up with the ideal solution for our customer, the enthusiasm to build that machine and see it come to life, the enthusiasm to help each other to achieve that result… the enthusiasm to work on your solution every day!

 One of our engineers, bringing the machine to life.