• ready to use
  • hardly any shrinkage
  • good adhesion to the wood
  • beautiful absorption of colours and oils

Technical information

You can download the technical data sheet that applies to both formulas from the link on the right.



CosmetiWood®, the wood filler for wood flooring

CosmetiWood® is a one compound waterbased wood filler, specificaly designed for use in PAR-Filler®. CSP Engineering distributes two formulas of CosmetiWood®. Both are ready to use, solvent free wood fillers, with an excellent adhesion to the wood. Both formulas hardly shrink, have a beautiful absorption of colours and oils and have a good behaviour for planing and sanding. For manual use, formula S is available in buckets of 9.6 kg and formula N in buckets of 23 kg. CosmetiWood® is available in 9 colours.

The safetey sheets (MSDS) of both formulas can be downloaded below.

MSDS CosmetiWood-S

MSDS CosmetiWood-N

MSDS CosmetiWood-Premium

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