• Correct stock data, accessible at any time
  • Annual stock counts are no longer necessary
  • Picking of faulty packs out of stock is excluded
  • Preparing and finishing orders efficiently
  • Data immediately accessible for your administration


Warehouse data management and order picking for the parquet industry

Automatic warehouse data management and order picking

PAR-Stock® is an advanced system for real-time inventory and order picking, developed for parquet production companies with limited/medium capacity. PAR-Stock® consists of  PAR-Stock-Pro® software with database, a computer with laser printer and portable barcode hand scanner(s).

Correct real-time stock information

PAR-Stock® takes his place in the warehouse and receives online data from PAR-Scan® or PAR-Pack®. Thanks to PAR-Stock® correct stock information is available to your sales organisation at any time. Doing inventory is a thing of the past.

PAR-Stock®, your tool for efficient order picking

For each order you set the type of wood, quality grading and the desired amount.
Then the corresponding pallet with packs of floorboards is taken out of the rack and scanned, pack per pack with a portable barcode scanner.

The packs on the ordered pallet are recognized by the barcode and the data is automatically transferred on to the pallet list(s) for each order.
The worker reads on the display of the handscanner the m or m² included and the amount still to go for that order.

After completing each pallet, a pallet list is printed with detailed data.
Wrong picking is excluded through the various built-in controls.

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