• High capacity
  • User friendly
  • Easy and little maintenance
  • Swift changing of spools

Technical information

  • Measurements: 830 mm x 650 mm
  • Strapping Band: PP-Band 9 or 12 mm width
  • Strap per spool: 4000 mm
  • Minor diameter: 200 mm
  • Outside diameter: 440 mm
  • Colour of the strap: Standard blue, other colours possible.


Automatic strapping machine for wood flooring

Automated strapping of flooring boards

PAR-Strap® is an automatic strapping machine for wood flooring. The strapping machine is easy to handle and realises a swift strapping of flooring boards in only 1.5 seconds. Thanks to its construction with 3 motors  PAR-Strap® is a very solid and liable machine. PAR-Strap® is a modular machine which corresponds perfectly with   PAR-Pack®,   PAR-Scan® and   PAR-Film®.

PAR-Strap®, strapping machine with minimal maintenance

The strapping head of PAR-Strap® is robust and compact. The strapping machine is built in this way that the strapping head is easy accessible through hinged top plates, no tools are required. It is a machine with very little movable parts, which makes it very liable and low on maintenance.

PAR-Strap®, the swift strapping machine for wood flooring

PAR-Strap® is easy and quick to set-up, to maintain and to change of spool. Changing the spool happens through a quick-fastener. Furthermore PAR-Strap® is developed with an eye for ergonomics.

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