Technology for the production of parquet

Development and construction of machines

CSP Engineering is a niche specialist that develops technology for the production of wooden floor boards. However, CSP Engineering itself also constructs all the machines. This way your needs and market trends can be quickly anticipated. This then results in machines and automation solutions for the different stages of parquet production. In addition to the range of standard machines for the production of wooden floor boards, CSP Engineering is also able to realize solutions that are tailored exactly for you.

Niche specialist in parquet industry

High-end solutions and service

CSP Engineering sees itself as a partner that helps devise solutions with the customer. Our Research & Development department designs machines that provide our customers with a clear advantage in economic, environmental, technological and ergonomic areas. All the machines are plug & play and deliver an ROI very quickly. The expertise and experience that CSP Engineering has as niche specialist not only results in high-tech machinery but also in high-end service.