CSP Engineering, machine builder for parquet flooring.

CSP Engineering builds machines for the production of wood floorboards. We also specialize in setting up custom production lines for the parquet manufacturer. Together we take your production to a higher level.

In business since 1994

CSP-Engineering builds innovative machinery and production lines that help the parquet manufacturer produce quality products as efficiently as possible. 

CSP Engineering builds customized machines and production lines, adapted to the specific wishes and needs of each individual customer. This is how we manage to give our customers a competitive advantage. How can we alsojo take your production to the next level? We are happy to engage in a conversation to see it together.

Why choose us

01 High-tech technology

CSP Engineering is highly regarded in the industry for its advanced technology and deep expertise in wood flooring manufacturing. The company strives to use only the most advanced and innovative techniques in its manufacturing processes.

02 Automation

CSP Engineering offers automation solutions for the various stages in the production of wood floors. This results in greater efficiency, reduced production time and cost savings.

03 Expertise

CSP Engineering has years of experience and expertise in wood flooring manufacturing. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we can advise and assist our customers....