About us


CSP Engineering builds machines and production lines that help the parquet manufacturer make quality products as efficiently as possible. Our ambition is to be their innovation partner.

The CosmetiWood® division aims to be a quality leader in wood fillers for manual and machine use.


Our approach to the factory of the future focuses on the people at the machines. By focusing on automation, operators' focus shifts from performing operational tasks to managing and optimizing production. 

Thus they create a factory where peace, rhythm and regularity are the norm. In such an environment, quality products are made efficiently.


CSP Engineering was founded in 1994 out of a passion for wood and the woodworking industry. The first machine the company developed was a milling machine for the production of wooden parts for yachts.

With the PAR-Scan - a packaging machine that also records the number and dimensions of planks in a pack - the first step into the world of parquet flooring was taken in 2002.

Since 2009, CSP Engineering has focused resolutely on the industrial parquet manufacturer.


Our values are summed up in respect, expertise and positivism.
We attach great importance to building lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and employees in which mutual respect and positive attitudes are the basis for open and reliable cooperation. 

By focusing on expertise, we can realize innovative solutions We work with a team of professionals with attention to training and a good organizational structure.
We embrace a sustainable positive culture. We believe this contributes to higher engagement, greater collaboration and better results.

Environmental, Social & Governance.

We care about the environment. By recovering braking energy from engines, we manage to actively reduce energy consumption. The need for glue in engineered flooring is reduced by 50%. More precise assembly in production reduces wood waste by 4%.

We take care of your safety. We have our own certified machine safety expert CMSE® in-house. 

We think good governance is important. We have established an advisory board for our management to help do the right things the right way.