/PAR-Duo ®


  • High quality and waterproof D4 adhesion
  • Higher production capacity than PVA presses
  • No sawing waste owing to endless bonding of multiplex parts
  • Length of top layers may be fixed or variable
  • Fast adjustment of product width and thickness
  • Easy to use
  • Operating ecologically and economically by means of environmentally friendly adhesive and limiting sawing waste
  • Option: inline calibration of plywood carrier strips

Technical information

  • Product length: 600/900- 3500 mm (option: length to > 7m)
  • Product width: 100-300/330 mm
  • Finished product thickness: 10 – 25 mm
  • Production speed: 12-20 m/minute
  • Flooring dimensions: 18 m x 4 m


Production of 2-layer parquet

Machine for bonding 2-layer parquet

PAR-Duo® is a machine for bonding solid topcoats to 2-layer parquet with D4 waterproof adhesion. Plywood components are bonded endlessly, this to avoid sawing waste. PAR-Duo® can produce 2-layer parquet with top layers of the same length and of variable length in one production batch. A computer controlled sawing machine saws the bonded parts to the original length of the top layers. By using PAR-Duo®, the bonding of 2-layer parquet is done continuously. The speed of the entire installation is infinitely variable.

PAR-Duo® for perfect bonding of 2-layer parquet with PU-Hotmelt

PAR Duo® with PU Hot melt for bonding 2-layer parquet offers a significantly higher productivity than systems with conventional presses and PVA glue, thanks to the continuous production process and integrated throughput press. The amount of adhesive/m² that is applied is regulated fully automatically.


PAR-Duo®, quick and simple bonding of 2-layer parquet

PAR-Duo® is easy to use. The product width and thickness can be quickly set up.
Options are, for example: in-line calibrating of multiplex, extremely long boards (lengths above 7 m) and customer specific automation.

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