• Reduction of labor costs
  • Higher production capacity
  • Ergonomic

Technical information

  • Product length: 300 – 3000 mm
  • Product width: 60 – 300 mm
  • Product thickness: 5 – 120 mm
  • Production speed: 10 – 20 – 40m/min


Automatic collection of wood flooring boards or packs

PAR-Collect® is a machine that can handle boards, packs or profiles that come out of a processing machine and then transfers them sideways onto the buffer.
When the buffer is full, boards, packs or profiles are taken manual from the buffer and stacked onto pallets.

First rate automated module

PAR-Collect® is a primary automated module for limited processing speeds and production capacity.
PAR-Collect® replaces the operator behind the processing machine, which allows a single-man operation of the machine.
You immediately feel your ROI.

Two versions

PAR-Collect® is available in two versions:

PAR-Collect® Standard is equipped with pneumatic actuated push-out units and a buffer with non powered roller tracks.
This solution is suitable for boards, beams and strapped floorboard packs.

PAR-Collect®-Belt is equipped with powered cross belts that lift the products and move them in a controlled lateral movement.
This makes PAR-Collect®-Belt particularly appropriate for gathering and buffering profiles and in shrink-foil wrapped floorboards.

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