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  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Higher production capacity
  • Reduces workload for the operator
  • Quick to set and shift

Technical information

  • Product length: 350 – 3000 mm
  • Product width: 50/60 – 300 mm
  • Product thickness: 5 – 100 mm
  • Production speed: 10 – 20 – 40 m/min


Semi-automatic feeding system

A quick, simple and efficient way of feeding planks

PAR-Feed® is a semi-automatic feeding system for planing and molding work that is easy to set and that can shift quickly between production runs. With PAR-Feed® the operator has time to evaluate the wooden work pieces. Manipulating planks becomes more user friendly and as such decreases the workload.

PAR-Feed®, for flexible feeding to your planer or moulder

PAR-Feed® consists of robust feeding rolls with stepless speed adjustments and pneumatic driven pushing rollers. PAR-Feed® is provided with cross chains that have 3 control modes and suited for all type of work.

PAR-Feed®, a feeding system with many options

PAR-Feed® can be delivered with in the hight adjustable feeding rolls and conductors above the chain field. The feeding system can be equipped with bearing support at the input or a hydrolic scissor lift for optimal ergonomics.
A chain buffer for 1 or 2 packs can be integrated.
Of course other product measurements are possible.

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