• Very solid packing machine
  • High packing capacity
  • Protects your product against moisture and dust
  • Nice packing results
  • Energy friendly shrink tunnel

Technical information

  • Product length: 250/3500 mm (option: length to > 7m)
  • Product width: 50-400 mm
  • Product height: up to 140 mm
  • Packing speed: 20 m/minute
  • Flooring dimensions: 8 m x 2 m (incl. shrink tunnel)


Parquet packaging machine with shrink foil

Automated packing of parquet in shrink foil

PAR-Film® is a machine for automatic packing of parquet in shrink foil. The packing height and product width are easy to set up. PAR-Film® has a high packaging speed up to 20 meters per minute. PAR-Film® is a modular machine that connects seamlessly on to  PAR-Pack®,   PAR-Scan® and   PAR-Strap®

PAR-Film®: the best protection for your parquet

PAR-Film® splices the shrink foil completely shut along both the longitudinal and the lateral sides. This way your parquet is completely protected against dirt, dust and moisture.

PAR-Film® for the best packaging result

PAR-Film® cuts the shrink foil to packaging width and puts the splice in the middle on one side, which presents your product particularly nice. Combined with the dual compartment shrink tunnel, PAR-Film® delivers the best packaging results.

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