• Tailor made label info
  • Different languages and units
  • With or without logo
  • With or without barcode
  • Machine readjustable in only 5 seconds
  • Production data immediately available and online accessible for your administration

Technical information

  • Touch screen computer
  • Implementable on any type of packing line
  • Laser printer for pallet lists
  • Ethernet connection to the company network
  • Label measurements: 100 x 50 mm
  • Thermo transfer industrial label printer
  • Black text on a white label


Automatic registration and labeling

PAR-Label® is an industrial machine for automatic registration and labeling that complements your packing line. PAR-Label® consists out of an industrial touch screen computer, a plc, an automatic label printer/applicator and a PAR-Label-Pro software with database.

PAR-Label®, tailor made label info

For each production, the type of wood, quality grading, finish, etc. is selected in the database.
After adding the length, width and thickness, PAR-Label® registers every pack of floorboards that will be produced. Per pack a label is printed and automatically stuck onto the pack, whereafter the pack is wrapped with   PAR-Strap® and/or   PAR-Film®.
The labels are adaptable per language, unit, with or without logo, with or without barcode.
With only a few clicks you can change from one product to antother.

All product data immediately available

A pallet list is printed per packed pallet. This way all product data are immediately available for your administration.

PAR-Label® can be extended for warehouse data management and order picking with  PAR-Stock®.

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