• High packing capacity
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Compact integration of packing machines

Technical information

  • Surface area: 3 m x 0,6 m
  • Pack measurements: L 3000 mm x W 300 mm x H 140 mm
  • Packing speed: up to 45 m/min
  • Increased conductor and assessment to allign the packs faster and correctly


Packing line control for fix length bundles

Automatic packaging of parquet with a fix length

PAR-Pack® is a packing line controller for packing packs of parquet with a fix length.
At the supply track of PAR-Pack® the floorboards from every pack are neatly aligned where after
they are wrapped without any manual intervention.

PAR-Pack® is the foundation for full automatic wrapping of your parquet and achieves a high production capacity.
PAR-Pack® can seamlessly be integrated with  PAR-Strap® , PAR-Cardboard® or PAR-Film®, but also with many other packing machines.

PAR-Pack® + PAR-Label®, automatic packaging and labeling

The combination of PAR-Pack and PAR-Label® gives you automatic packing and labeling.
Per pack a label is printed and automatically stuck onto the pack, where after it is packed.
The labels are adaptable per language, unit, with or without logo, with or without barcode.
In a few mouse clicks one product is changed into another.
Per packed pallet a pallet list is printed. This way the production data are immediately available for your administration.

PAR-Pack® + PAR-Info®, automatic packing and adding an information data sheet

The combination of   PAR-Pack® and   PAR-Info® ensures the automatic adding of an information data sheet to each pack. On this sheet the manufacturer is able to print all kind of useful information, such as storing and maintenance instructions, installment instructions, warranty conditions, CE symbols and specifications or a logo and/or brand name.

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