• High packaging capacity
  • Inline packaging without manual intervention
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Floorboards in fixed and/or variable lengths
  • Costly measuring and calculation errors are excluded
  • Each square meter produced is offset
  • Pallet list with details of amounts delivered
  • Discussions about amounts delivered are excluded

Technical information

  • Product length: 500-3500 mm (option to > 7m)
  • Product width: 70 – 270 mm (option to 310 mm)
  • Product thickness: 6.0 – 22.5 mm
  • Max. package height: 120 mm (option to 140 mm)
  • Floor area: 5 m x 1 m

Packaging machine for wood flooring with fixed and variable length

Automatic measuring, registering, labeling and packing of wood flooring boards with fixed and variable length

PAR-Scan® is not just an ordinary packaging machine for your wooden floor boards. PAR-Scan® measures the length of each board in a pack, number of m², number of boards in the pack, pack after pack. The measuring data, plus the width, thickness, wood type, quality, surface area, etc. are printed on a label. The label is available in different languages; British units are also possible and a logo or barcode can be added. The information of each package is saved, a pallet list is printed out and all data are digitally available for your administration.

PAR-Scan®, one unique system for measuring, registering, labeling and packing

Measuring, registering, labeling and packaging without manual intervention! Costly measuring, writing and calculation errors are excluded.
Wood flooring with fixed or variable lengths in one packaging. Maximum of 10 layers per pack and 3 floor boards per layer. Every square meter produced is measured and registered.
PAR-Scan® can be supplemented with PAR-Stock® for stock control management and order picking.

PAR-Scan® + PAR-Info®, automatic measuring, registering, labeling, packing and leaflet addition

The combination of PAR-Scan® with PAR-Info® ensures automatic addition of a leaflet to each package. On this leaflet the manufacturer can add all kind of useful information for the customer e.g. about storage as well as maintenance instructions, instructions for installation, warranty conditions, CE symbol, product specifications, a logo or brand name.

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