• Inform your customer directly
  • Avoid complaints by giving correct information
  • Your brand name in the picture
  • Professional look
  • Full automatic machine

Technical information

Max. measurements information sheet:

  • Length flyer: 200 to 310 mm
  • Width flyer: 70 to 120 mm

Paper density:

  • minimum 100 gr/m² if not varnished
  • minimum 80 gr/m² when leaflet is varnished

Paper finishing:

  • not folded single sheet
  • lengthwise double folded A4-sheet


PAR-Info®, adds flyer automatically to each package

PAR-Info® is an automatic device which adds a flyer or information sheet to each package with flooring boards. PAR-Info® is used in combination with  PAR-Pack® or  PAR-Scan®. As manufacturer, you can inform your customer directly. You can print all kinds of useful information on the flyer, for instance storage and maintenance requirements, instructions for installation, warranty conditions, CE-sign, product specifications or logo and brand name.

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