• Reduction of labor costs
  • Higher production capacity

Technical information

  • Product length: 300 – 3000 mm
  • Product width: 60 – 300 mm
  • Product thickness: 5 – 120 mm
  • Production speed: 10 – 20 – 40m/min


Automatic return of wooden floor boards and packs

System for the automatic return of wooden floor boards and  packs

PAR-Return® is a transport system which can be placed behind most processing and packing machines and where the products are automatically returned to the input area of the machine or packing line.

The returning conveyor belt can also function as buffer. PAR-Return® is designed to realize a one man handeling at the processing machine or packing machine.
The ROI is immediate.

Handling of delicate products with care

The products coming out of the processing or packing machine, are collected on powered rollers.
Then synthetic belts pick up the products and move them in a cross-ways direction.
To finish, the in cross-ways moved products are once more put on powered rollers that return the products back to where they came from.

For shrink film lines the returning conveyor functions as a buffer.
This increases the efficiency of the operator at the packing line.
Highly recommended for packs of floorboards, profiled products and in shrink film wrapped floorboards. Differential product measurements are possible.

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